Conference schedule

Conference day 1

Monday, October 19

Preconference workshops


Research Technologies: Services overview

Gain a better understanding of UITS Research Technologies' suite of services and tools.
Robert Henschel, Kristy Kallback-Rose, Richard Knepper, and George Turner

Reboot your application development with Spring Boot

Explore the newest features of Java’s Spring platform, including Spring Boot, Spring Data, and the Spring Cloud project.
James Bennett and Asik Pradhan

Creating graphics for the web

Learn how to create web graphics in this introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
Beth Nolen and Jessica Samuel

Adobe Captivate 8: The basics

Learn how to create, publish, and post an Adobe Captivate project.
Donna Jones and Denise Brown

Graphical access to IU's supercomputers

An overview of RT's new service to offer graphical access for university supercomputers
Robert Henschel, Kristy Kallback-Rose, Richard Knepper, and George Turner

DSI workshop: Primer & proposal creation

In-depth workshop about IU’s new initiative to bring about effective, data-driven decision making by improving access to critical information
Aaron Neal and Amanda Aubuchon

Mosaic: New directions in digital engagement with learners

Get an introduction to IU’s new Mosaic Active Learning Initiative (tour and hands-on workshop included)
Stacy Morrone and Julie Johnston

Hands-on with GitHub at IU

Learn how to organize your IU projects using the well-known user interface.
Robert Henschel, Kristy Kallback-Rose, Richard Knepper, and George Turner

Jetstream: the NSF production cloud for science

An overview and roadmap for JetStream, a project funded by the National Science Foundation.
Robert Henschel, Kristy Kallback-Rose, Richard Knepper, and George Turner

Main conference events

Kick off the main conference with badge pick-up and the Statewide IT Tech Expo at the IU Auditorium.

Badge pick-up & Statewide Tech Expo

Pick up your badge for the conference and then get a primer on some of the latest IT initiatives and innovations at the Statewide Tech Expo.

IT: The endless frontier

Watch recording
Florence Hudson
Senior vice president & chief innovation officer, Internet2
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next stage of the information revolution, and Florence Hudson is at the leading edge. Internet2's chief innovation officer will kick off Statewide with a discussion on the ways IT leaders can and should become an integral part of developing and implementing concepts that enrich our lives and engagements with technology.

Networking break & Tech Expo

Get a primer on some of the latest IT initiatives and innovations at the Statewide Tech Expo.

No regrets: How successful schools are reframing decision support

Watch recording
Chris Miller
Executive director, Education Advisory Board
Investing in best practices means having no regrets. The Education Advisory Board’s Chris Miller would say the same goes for decision support. Learn the many ways multidisciplinary institutions around the world are using data to reframe discussions and find success.

Networking break & Tech Expo

Get a primer on some of the latest IT initiatives and innovations at the Statewide Tech Expo.

IT5K Fun Run & Walk

Run or walk at your own pace with fellow IT professionals! AVP Craig Stewart will lead the charge. Note: Please provide your own water. Signed waiver required.

B-town Crawlabout

Meet at: Sample Gates (weather permitting)

There's no town like B-town. Join AVPs Dennis Cromwell and Rob Lowden as they explore some of Bloomington's favorite haunts. Stops may include The Tap, Nick's, Irish Lion, Quaff On!, Finch's, and Upland.

Guides: Dennis Cromwell, Rob Lowden, Cathy O'Bryan, Jim Thomas, Aaron Neal

Statewide Fashion Show

See eTextiles on the runway at the Statewide Fashion Show. Fashions created by students from IU's School of Apparel Merchandising & Interior Design.

Conference day 2

Tuesday, October 20

Breakfast & topic tables

Fuel up before the morning sessions with breakfast in Alumni Hall and join colleagues for the following topic table discussions:
  • Videoconferencing technologies with UITS Collaboration Technologies
  • Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) at IU with Kirk Klaphaak
  • Marrying content and user experience on academic web pages with Emily Hake and Edgar Ventura
  • Leadership lessons from the Hurricane Katrina relief effort with Momi Ford

Breakout session 1


What’s next for Box@IU?

Get familiar with the new Box Entrusted and Box Health Data Accounts, and learn how departments can leverage these configurations to provide the controls necessary for compliance. The session will feature an overview of new integrations and developments in Box, including metadata templates, data retention policies, and workflows.
Bob Flynn, Leslie Pfeffer, and Rob Carlsen

DSI: See what your data is trying to tell you

The Decision Support Initiative (DSI) provides resources to help you better understand and interpret data for the best-possible decision making. Join this session for an overview of this exciting new initiative, as well as a discussion on the basics of writing charters and how the DSI team uses them to assist with your data.
Aaron Neal and Amanda Aubuchon

Why some ideas survive and others die

Ever wonder how to present your ideas in a more memorable way or engage your audience so your ideas linger? Join this interactive session based on the New York Times bestseller "Made to Stick," which focuses on six common themes—Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Concreteness, Credibility, Emotions, Stories—to make your message stick with the audience.
Michele Kelmer

Building the Mark Cuban Center for Sports Media and Technology

In June 2015, IU Athletics partnered with several departments to announce plans for the new Mark Cuban Center for Sports Media and Technology—a new center for digital media learning on campus. This panel will discuss the exciting technologies, timeline, and expectations for the new center.
Daniel Fitzsimmons, Jeremy Gray, Chauncey Frend, and Bill Sherman

The impact of wearable technology in higher education

The newly formed UITS Wearable Technologies Committee is proactively researching wearable technologies and their impact on research, security, and education. Hear about case studies involving faculty studying pedagogy, health, and safety and also get a preview of emerging wearables.
Julie Johnston and Tony Walker

Breakout session 2


Lights, camera, learn: Overcoming video's perceived barriers

The Kelley School of Business' Learning Media team will lead this session on ways to get past the difficulties of video and share an outcome-focused approach to helping faculty and staff. A sample worksheet and other print and electronic resources will be provided.
Garrett Poortinga, Sarah Smith-Robbins, Sarah Hetrick, and Andrew Funkhouser

Using Github to support open-source projects

The IU Web Community of Practice (Web CoP) promotes community collaboration and connects web developers and programmers with common goals and concerns. Join this panel discussion and learn more about the Web CoP's Github repository—a place to collaborate in open source projects—with the opportunity ask questions about web practices and become part of the community.
Myriam Young

Handling sensitive data: HIPAA, FISMA, and beyond

In 2007, UITS initiated a project to align its research computing infrastructure with HIPAA. The effort matured into a standards-based risk management framework that has helped prepare IU for the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and establish regulatory compliance at large. This talk will describe the evolution of UITS' compliance effort, discuss lessons learned, and offer guidance on leveraging UITS resources to address compliance.
Anurag Shankar

Using HPS resources in airborne science

Using open-source technology and software developed in-house, IU researchers have learned how to have HPS resources while in the field. This has allowed them to collect and process data simultaneously and ensure quality readings and quickly secured data. This session will explain how this works and highlight its benefits.
Aaron Wells, Richard Knepper, and Matt Standish

PowerPoint like a boss

We've all sat through presentations thinking, "this presentation is the worst." Maybe you’ve even given one. With presenters that have seen (and made) every mistake in the book, attendees will gain insights on lessons they’ve learned about structure, presentation, and communicating complex ideas.

Presenters will remain available to review attendees’ presentations as time allows.
Daniel Calarco and Brian Hawkins

Supporting social identity development in online courses

Social identities still play a part in online learning. This session will look at the different intersecting identities that students and instructors bring to online courses, using case studies, course designs, and online tools to highlight methods for digitally supporting, challenging, and developing various social identities.
Lauren Easterling

Breakout session 3


Jetstream: A new national research and education cloud

Indiana University is working to create a new research education cloud called Jetstream. This talk will focus on the capabilities of the program, which creates virtual machines on remote resources that look and feel like a user’s lab workstation or home machine but can harness the performance of a high-performance computing systems to benefit research.
Jeremy Fischer and Therese Miller

Using the Course Shuffle model to innovate in Canvas

The Learning Technologies team at the Kelley School of Business has developed a way to visualize common course elements as playing cards in Canvas to help faculty develop innovative course designs. This session will help anyone working with instructional design or technology and introduce "Course Shuffle." Attendees will receive a deck of design playing cards as a resource.
Sarah Smith-Robbins

Improving your email skills

Most people think they struggle with managing their email when they actually struggle with how they use email to communicate. The College IT Office’s front line staff will share its methods for using, processing, and troubleshooting the most ubiquitous––and often most frustrating––tool we use every day.
Kelly Prill and Rachael Zeiher

Multi-touch app development with modern web tools

The use of familiar web technologies makes it easier to enable multi-touch experiences from anywhere with a web browser and a touchscreen, from phones to desktops to large touch tables and display walls. This presentation will take you through the UITS Advanced Visualization Lab's workflow, which uses modern web development tools to create multi-touch applications.
David Reagan

Breakout session 4


Transforming Student Technology Centers for today's students

Today’s learners demand a variety of technology choices and unique features in the Student Technology Centers. This session will provide a sneak peek of the large-scale initiative to transform these spaces, as well as insights on new services and the developing role of the student consulting team.
Marsha Egan, Matt Decker, and Julie Johnston

Indiana's Private Cloud

IU has one of the largest higher education internal clouds in the US. In an effort to help the state's K–12 schools and other higher education institutions, IU will offer a virtual hosting service—Indiana's Private Cloud (IPC). Attend this presentation for an overview of the initiative, as well as information on the benefits IPC will have for schools across the state.
Rob Lowden

What's next for agile software development at IU?

Join a roundtable panel discussion with experienced product owners and Scrum masters as they share their views on what “being agile" means today. Topics will focus on how the agile processes have evolved and issues specific to agile practices at UITS. Newcomers and veterans are welcome.
Mark Feddersen, Michael Dalton, Eric Westfall, and Megan May

Teaching, learning, and assessment through digital video in Canvas

Clinical Professor of Business Law Arthur Andrew Lopez has used Canvas' video capabilities to teach students about ethical decision-making through collaboration and conversation. Learn how Canvas has facilitated these collaborative, video-based learning activities through student-centered, media-friendly features and how it benefits students.
Arthur Andrew Lopez, Cordah Robinson, and Kyle Leach

Creating peer-to-peer affinity groups in 1IUIT

Have you ever wished you could swap stories or knowledge with professionals in your field? Have you ever thought, "I wish someone would have told me that?" Join this panel for a lively discussion about the creation of peer-based IT affinity groups that will improve professional collaboration across the university.
Charles Escue, Sheryl Swinson, and Todd Herring

Breakout session 5


How IT professionals save lives

Did you know IT professionals and systems have saved lives on our campuses? This thought-provoking review offers a perspective outside of the IT world to highlight how IT applications and resources are currently used for emergency management at IU. It will also look at ways to build on innovations taking place at other institutions.
John Summerlot

My critical data is where!? Assessing vulnerability in vended applications

As more faculty and staff seek out third-party services and applications, this session offers a chance to understand the responsibility that must be accepted by IU when contracting with vendors. Learn how the University Information Security Office's Third-Party Assessment Process has helped IT Pros and managers better understand the security around the application or service they are interested in purchasing.
Ian Washburn, Charlie Escue, and Al Joco

Mosaic: The future of active learning at IU

The Mosaic Active Learning Initiative builds on IU's early success in active classroom design to provide a comprehensive set of services for faculty and students. Join this discussion on the initiative's fall launch at IU Bloomington and hear examples of ways active learning classrooms are transforming the student experience and becoming a strategic part of technology-enhanced instruction. Attendees will learn about collaboration tools used to increase student engagement and active learning in different types of classrooms across the university.
Julie Johnston and Stacy Morrone

Embrace the change: Supporting faculty transition to Canvas

Learn the methods used by UITS IT Training and the campus centers for teaching and learning to combine talent and technological resources and help IU faculty and staff switch from Oncourse to Canvas.
Kimmaree Murday, Madeleine Gonin, and Thomas Janke

Raising the bar: The GlobalNOC's pursuit of ISO 20000

The GlobalNOC is world renowned for its commitment to innovation, design, and operations for research and education networking. To reflect its ongoing evolution, the organization is pursuing ISO/IEC 20000 certification—an international standard around IT Service Delivery that demonstrates adherence to IT and business best practice. The presentation will give a primer on the ISO certification process and also discuss the GlobalNOC’s pursuit of certification and its anticipated benefits.
Brandon Beale

Google Analytics: Beyond the basics

Google Analytics offers more than sessions and page views. Join this session for a look at case studies that demonstrate the use tools such as goals and conversions, event tracking, and campaign tracking to inform decisions about marketing and communications, customer service, and improving user experience.
Angie McNew and Kyle Birkemeier

Breakout session 6


Advanced data exploration, visualization, and analytics with Tableau

Tableau is a powerful reporting tool. This session explores how to push its limits to support better decision making, behavior analysis, and data exploration to meet the growing needs of your information consumers.
Richard Shepherd, Aaron Neal, and Amanda Aubuchon

iGPS: Positioning IU students for success

See how iGPS, Indiana University’s Interactive Graduation Planning System, provides students with a guided pathway to success that supports choice and exploration while responding to concerns about on-time degree completion. Attendees will also learn how the all-in-one tool integrates with Advising Records, IU’s enterprise advising system, and Peoplesoft SIS.
Caryn Castellan and Laurie Sullivan

Clouds on IU's horizon (and why that's a good thing)

The IU community has become increasingly familiar with cloud-based software in recent years. Thanks to agreements with Microsoft and Amazon, the university now offers MS Azure and Amazon Web Services for development and service hosting. This session will teach new and existing users how to take advantage of these new services.
Bob Flynn and Mike Floyd

Improving visuals to enhance eLearning

Want to make your online classroom more engaging through visual learning but not sure where to start? Join this session to learn how strong visual design can compel students to delve deeper into your course content and pick up some basic tips to create your own visuals.
Carey Blackmore and Julia Sanders

Leveraging Canvas to increase research participation

Did you know IU Southeast’s Psychology Department used Canvas as a research response tool that saved money and increased student participation? This presentation will encourage creative thinking about ways Canvas can be used to meet academic needs beyond SIS-created courses. Panelists will share their processes and answer questions about their solutions.
Renee Petrina, Lucinda Woodward , Meghan Kahn, and Julie Denbo

Using data to optimize responses with mass email campaigns

The Center for Survey Research (CSR) sends out approximately three million emails per year, so they have some experience with trying to wrangle responses. Session panelists will share tips and tricks for successful email delivery and response, with an emphasis on data-driven strategies, message content, and delivery timing.
Rick Watson, Kevin Tharp, and Joe Wilkerson

Equipping researchers with effective data management strategies

Effective research data management has become increasingly critical to the process of generating datasets that enable preservation, sharing, reuse, reproducibility, and interoperability. Learn a variety of effective research data management strategies from IU Bloomington and IUPUI librarians and members of UITS Research Technologies.
Danko Antolovic', Heather Coates, Kristy Kallback-Rose, and Jennifer Laherty

Conference day 3

Wednesday, October 21

Breakout session 7


Leveraging front-end build tools for quick prototypes

We've all received last minute requests to see a new design or feature in the browser. This session provides an opportunity to see how IU Communications uses front-end tools like Bower and NPM to modularize assets and quickly build new features. Topics include: specific methods and code for building static websites quickly and effectively.
Aaron Van Ruler

Network upgrades at regional campuses

Over the past year, network personnel from all IU campuses have worked together to create a shared network architecture for each IU location. This presentation will highlight the new network architectures for regional campuses, as well as the many incurred benefits, which include better network fault tolerance and availability.
Mark Spencer

Reduce, reuse, and recycle your IT with free IU Surplus services

Listen as IU Surplus Store managers discuss services that make decommissioning IU-owned electronics fast, free, and secure for all IU departments. Attendees will also learn how to turn unneeded equipment into cash for their departments and find items that meet departmental needs at IU Surplus.

Note: Register by emailing Noma Maier at
Noma Maier and Todd Reid

How to navigate and maximize IT support at IU

UITS is a large organization, so knowing where to look for answers to departmental IT issues can be a challenge. Learn the best ways to navigate UITS support and share feedback with IT professionals. Session will include Q&A.
Todd Herring, Momi Ford, Shannon McDaniel, Tim Ryder, Chuck Aikman, and Mark Uncapher

Virtual road trips: Using Canvas for engaged student learning

Three undergraduate American Studies courses at IUPUI ask students to take semester-length "virtual road trip" assignments through Canvas. This session will explore the pedagogical framework for these assignments, demonstrate how Canvas delivers them, and show student examples of how the assignments foster improved learning outcomes.
John Gosney

Digital repositories at IU and beyond

What is a digital repository and why should you care? Get an overview on the importance of digital repositories, as well as updates on the development and application of repositories both nationally and internationally. The presentation will also cover ways repositories integrate with IU systems and help achieve digitization initiatives.
Jon Dunn, Chip Dye, and David Lewis

Digital hoarding is driving away users and killing conversion

Digital hoarding of old PDFs, stale content, and dead links is one of the most pressing content strategy issues in the IU web space. This presentation will look at the symptoms and dangers of digital hoarding, as well as the first steps on the road to recovery for designers, site managers, and decision-makers.
Scott Murray and Kate Messing

Breakout session 8


Demystifying Apple volume purchasing and device enrollment plans

Many of us have heard about the Apple VPP and DEP programs at IU, but how do these work and what does it look like to the end user? This session will dive into the specifics with demonstrations using AirWatch and Casper and management solutions currently available to all IU departments and schools.
Robert Whitt and John Grigutis

Karaoke changed my life: Benefiting from constructive feedback

Providing a colleague with constructive feedback is a difficult task but essential to everyone’s professional development. Using real-world examples, this light-hearted session will provide attendees with strategies for making the most of peer feedback, as well as offer the opportunity to share their own experiences.
John Gosney and Jim Thomas

Update: UITS Accessibility Initiative

Get an update on the progress of the UITS Accessibility Initiative. Panelists from the UITS Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers and University IT units will discuss the past two years and future of the initiative, as well as how they have made it ongoing and sustainable.
Brian Richwine, Joe Humbert, and Mary Stores

Accelerating mass spectrometer data analysis with IU supercomputers

The Research Technologies Scientific Applications and Performance Tuning (SciAPT) team will demonstrate how it used the power of IU's Karst supercomputer and performance analysis to help accelerate the data analysis process of a research project. Combining the supercomputer and performance analysis led to faster and more efficient data collection and processing.
Scott McClary, Robert Henschel, and Benjamin Draper

Professional IT security and policy training initiative

There is a gap between the cultural value IU places on IT security and the communication and training models that support UITS security and policy. This has resulted in concerns about a number of failed IT audits. Attend this session to learn how UITS employees came together address this issue and also get methods, outcomes, and tools for tackling the issue.
Sheryl Swinson, Todd Herring, and Robert De Roeck

Engaging students with Kaltura and Echo360 video systems

UITS Collaboration Technologies offers two video services that make it easy for faculty to incorporate video into their courses: Kaltura and Echo360 Personal and Classroom Capture. This session will discuss how faculty can engage students in ways beyond traditional passive video viewing and further enhance face-to-face, hybrid, or online courses.
Nate Pairitz and Randy Newbrough

Ubiquitous lightweight assessment in an online course

IU’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences developed a new online version of "Introductory Psychology I" that is heavily based on the principle of learning by testing yourself. The result has been a course that emphasizes many short tests. This panel discussion will take an overview of the course, the science that motivated it, and how it seamlessly integrates instruction with assessment.
Benjamin Motz

Breakout session 9


Introducing graphical access to IU's supercomputers

Supercomputers are designed to use a command line interface and batch processing system. This means users accustomed to modern graphical interfaces must overcome a steep learning curve when switching to supercomputers. Learn how UITS Research Technologies is tackling this problem using a new graphical interface for the Karst supercomputer. Participants will be able to test the service after the presentation.
Robert Henschel, Abhinav Thota, Dave Hancock, and Joseph Rinkovsky

Web content management at IU

Each day, IU’s Web Content Management Service (WCMS) is used by approximately 1,700 people to manage around 500 sites across seven campuses. This session will focus on the ongoing migration from WCMS' global to site areas, as well as best practices for efficient indexing, asset rendering, and site publishing. Also discussed: Cascade Server’s latest features.
Erick Carballo and Rob McCormick

Getting to know UITS Support Center Tier 2

The UITS Support Center Tier 2 (SCT2) group supports IT professionals across the IU community. Attend this panel discussion for a chance to learn how they can help you. Representatives from SCT2’s four teams of experts will answer questions about working together to assist the IT community and also share future missions and challenges.
Joseph Potchanant

Badging and faculty professional development at IU

UITS Learning Technologies has developed three instructional technology badges to enhance professional development. Faculty can earn badges by completing modules in BadgeSafe—a tool that integrates with the Canvas LMS. This presentation will provide an overview of how BadgeSafe creates the badges and sets the parameters for module completion. Attendees will also see a demonstration of the modules.
Randy Newbrough, Kate Ellis, and Zihang Shao

Assistive technologies for IT access

According to the World Health Organization, one out of every seven people worldwide has a disability. Attend this presentation to gain insights on the many ways assistive technologies support disabled students, faculty, and staff and also how to design technologies that better accommodate their needs.
Brian Richwine, Mary Stores, Torri Stanley, Tomas Gregg, John Ault, and Ahren Owen

Reducing unconscious bias in job descriptions

Did you know certain words in job descriptions can imply bias? This interactive session offers research-based insights and strategies for better writing so that no qualified candidates are deterred by subtle wording that could shape negative first impressions of an organization.
Jenny Hertel and Maureen Biggers

IT at IU: Seeing at 20/20

Watch recording
Michael A. McRobbie
President, Indiana University
Brad Wheeler
Vice president for IT & CIO, Indiana University
President McRobbie and Brad Wheeler will close the 20th Statewide IT Conference with a talk that looks at the past, present, and future of IT at IU.