Statewide 2015 keynote events

The Florence Hudson and Chris Miller talks are open to the public at no cost.
Note: All keynotes will be live streamed with recordings available online after the conference. 

Information technology has transformed from a closed, elusive data center to an entity that is embedded in our everyday lives and innovations. This phenomenon is evolving the IT industry into the Internet of Things (IOT) industry.

These "things" will create much more data and IP traffic than traditional IT devices and applications. This means IT leaders have the opportunity to leverage this evolution to make our world and our lives more efficient, streamlined, and connected. This will require real leadership—working together in an extensive ecosystem of technology, researchers, government, education, and industry.

Florence Hudson and Brad Wheeler will kick off Statewide with a discussion about the need for IT leaders to become an integral part of designing, developing, and deploying the future of IT and IOT to enable a safe, secure, and extensible environment for needs we've yet to imagine.

Hudson is the senior vice president and chief innovation officer at Internet2 (bio).

2015 was supposed to be the year where becoming data-driven went from aspiration to capability and business intelligence (BI) would inform planning and budgeting activity. Few are seeing productive change.

The all-too common story: faculty aren’t able to articulate their information requirements and no processes exist to maintain consistent analytical definitions and ensure threshold data quality. The institution then deploys a BI tool without a clear use-case vision. Eventually, when faculty don’t embrace the results, it’s deemed a technology project.

This presentation, based on interviews with more than 150 higher ed thought leaders, examines how successful schools are reframing academic decision support data efforts as enterprise processes instead of technology projects. Miller will pay special focus to the “No Regrets Analyses” that every institution should consistently provide to help IT professionals foster productive conversations with academic and business leaders on campus.

Miller is the executive director of the Education Advisory Board (bio).

IT at IU has had two leaders: Michael McRobbie and Brad Wheeler. Some may not know that President McRobbie joined IU in 1997 as its first vice president for information technology and CIO and was instrumental in positioning the university as a leader in research supercomputing and technology for higher ed. In 2007, he was succeeded by Brad Wheeler, who expanded on McRobbie’s vision with initiatives that established IU as a leading innovator—in education and beyond.

President McRobbie and Brad will share the stage for a talk that looks at the past, present, and future of IT at IU.