About the conference games

Our keynote speaker may have changed at the last minute, but the bingo goes on! We’ve created this new bingo card, which you can easily print off at home, along with a new set of phrases to listen for. Just tune into VP Rob Lowden’s opening keynote at 1pm Thursday and see how long it takes you to yell out “BINGO!” at home.

Visit the Networking Lounge for access to the MS Teams room. Hop in there and explore for a few minutes to earn points for your scoreboard. You can also earn points for doing these tasks:

  1. Add a tab

  2. Upload a file and share it with a colleague

  3. Assign a task

  4. Schedule a meeting

Roam the Virtual Tech Expo and earn points by visiting the booths The more you interact with the booth and its assets, the more points you'll rack up.

This year marks the 25th annual Statewide conference—let's celebrate with some multiple-choice trivia questions about conferences past. Visit My Scoreboard to play. 


Jennifer Turrentine

500 points

Orah Cullison

498 points

Carrie Hansel

470 points

Gary Browning

339 points

Amber McCallister

329 points

Tara Slaughter

231 points

Damon Hathaway

210 points

Hilary Aydt

201 points

Sandra Hawkins

171 points


156 points