The Virtual Statewide IT Conference 2021 celebrates the twenty-fifth consecutive hosting of this annual event by Indiana University’s tech division. Although we are not be able to meet in person, attendees can still expect a stellar experience.

We’ll kick off with preconference activities the morning of Wednesday, January 20. On January 21 and 22 we’ll hear from keynote speakers and learn from our peers in breakout sessions. We’ve built in breaks and interactive virtual networking to combat screen fatigue.

Statewide IT will definitely look different this year, but we’ll still be able to celebrate our successes and share and grow as professionals. Isn’t that what it’s really all about? We can’t wait to see you in January!

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Keynote Speakers

Rob Lowden

Rob Lowden

Vice President for Information Technology and CIO
Indiana University

Michael McRobbie

Michael McRobbie

Indiana University

Stacy Morrone

Stacy Morrone

Deputy CIO
Interim Dean and Professor, School of Education
Indiana University Bloomington

DJ Patil

DJ Patil

Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist

Brad Wheeler

Brad Wheeler

James H. Rudy Professor
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University

Wireless architecture meets Neoclassical architecture

UITS and PIER Group design and install wireless infrastructure inside the IU Auditorium to ensure safe, socially-distanced classrooms for Fall semester.

Description of the video:

00:03 networking today

00:04 is really like a utility and because

00:07 it's such a critical

00:08 relied upon service you have to have

00:11 good partners to help you

00:13 keep that service running in a top-notch

00:16 way and peer is one of those partners

00:18 our primary areas of expertise

00:20 would be in campus and research

00:24 networking

00:25 data center solutions high performance

00:27 computing

00:28 essentially our team speaks the same

00:30 language you do

00:32 which leads to very efficient and

00:35 beneficial collaborations and

00:37 discussions with

00:38 anyone in this community i think the big

00:41 thing for

00:41 peer group that's unique is our focus so

00:44 in the university space right and

00:45 understanding the challenges the buying

00:48 practices

00:49 and the relationships we strive to

00:52 understand the

00:53 community we're not selling the next

00:56 widget

00:56 i don't care that's when you when you

00:57 buy something what you buy is to make

00:59 sure it's the right thing for you

01:01 to solve a problem and it's done the

01:02 right way versus

01:04 here's here's a product the story of the

01:06 iu auditorium is kind of a fun one

01:09 we started learning that there might be

01:11 classes

01:12 being held for the fall semester about

01:15 the end of

01:16 july maybe early august the question

01:19 came to us

01:19 can you put in a permanent wireless

01:22 install before classes start so we got

01:26 together with pier to come up with a

01:27 design

01:29 and you got to have the design in order

01:31 to know what you need to order

01:33 and then along with that pier was able

01:35 to 01:36 procure the hardware that we needed and

01:39 incredibly short amount of time and

01:42 along with that

01:43 they also brought in some expertise help

01:46 who

01:46 have done this sort of install before

01:48 because this was truly a unique

01:50 environment where you've got five or six

01:53 thousand

01:54 seats a balcony and you also have

01:58 architectural concerns that you're

01:59 trying to maintain

02:01 the history and the beauty of the

02:04 auditorium itself to make sure that we

02:06 didn't affect any of those aesthetics

02:08 we ended up finding a couple locations

02:10 where lighting

02:11 was set or there was gaps in the

02:13 material where it was covered you really

02:15 couldn't see it 02:16 so you don't see the technology you just

02:17 experience the technology that's the

02:19 best

02:19 the best of all worlds all said and done

02:22 our team

02:22 did bring a lot of creativity to the

02:24 insulation um the resulting install

02:27 blended completely blended in with the

02:30 building's

02:31 original architecture and the entire

02:34 project

02:34 was completed by the deadline we do big

02:37 things in iu networks

02:39 it's a big university covers the state

02:42 with all of the campuses

02:44 you always want to be a little bit ahead

02:46 of the curve you want to be

02:48 make sure that you infrastructure in

02:50 place that will

02:51 accommodate everything that is needed

02:54 and peer has a lot of resources that

02:56 they can bring to the table

02:58 the relationship and respect between our

03:01 organizations

03:02 in my opinion is remarkable at the end

03:05 of the day i can tell you that our team

03:06 is

03:07 incredibly grateful to iu

03:10 for putting your trust in us all these

03:14 [Music]

03:16 years

03:24 you